1602, 2018

Kaeté Investimentos selected by Brazil Lab

Kaeté has been selected to move forward in the next phase of the Brasil Lab at The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance. The project presented by Kaeté Investimentos was chosen as one of the top 3 ideas in the 2018 cycle. Click here to open the document.

711, 2015
  • PlacanoAcre

Kaeté opens office in Acre

Kaeté Investimentos, general manager of a private equity fund that invests in companies that promote the sustainable develpment of the Amazon region, is expanding its presence in region with the opening of a new office in Rio Branco, Acre. This initiative seeks to strengthen the support for the investments already made in the state of […]

411, 2015
  • 201405_Mapa do Setor de Investimento de Impacto no Brasil

Mapping the Impact Investing Sector in Brazil

Study done in 2014 by LGT Venture Philanthropy, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, Quintessa Partners and the University of St. Gallen describing the evolution and current status of the impact investing funds operating in Brazil. Click here to open the document.

3010, 2015
  • Produtos da Tobasa feitos a partir do Babaçu

Kaeté Invests in the state of Tocantins, Brazil

Kaeté is investing in Tobasa, a company located in Tocantinópolis, state of Tocantins. Tobasa Bioindustrial built an innovative biorefinery that adds value to the babassu coconut, the fruit of a palm tree from the Amazon biodiversity, acquired from local communities in the region at a fair price, thereby stimulating forest conservation.

Tobasa developed an innovative technology […]

1510, 2015
  • Obras das obras da indústria da Dom Porquito em Brasiléia, Acre

Flyby of Dom Porquito’s construction site in Brasiléia , Acre

Visit to the construction site of Dom Porquito’s new processing plant which will be inaugurated soon in Brasiléia, Acre. The economic and social impact of the project will be relevant to the region (according to IBGE, Brasiléia had an HDI-M of 0.614 in 2010, standing at the 3,820 position among the 5,565 brazilian municipalities). In […]

207, 2015
  • Obras da Dom Porquito em Brasiléia, Acre

Brasiléia Swine Processing Plant is Already a Reality and will be Inaugurated in September

Brasiléia is ready to receive Acre’s biggest industry, a processing plant for swine meat, which even before its opening is already changing the Alto Acre region. State governor Tião Viana and state representatives visited the premises of the new enterprise thursday, the 2nd, and learned that, even before its start-up, the company has already closed […]

2106, 2015
  • Complexo da Peixes da Amazonia

Fish Complex is a Benchmark for Acre’s Sustainable Economy

RIO BRANCO – For over 16 years, Acre develops a sustainable economy. Forests in the state are ecological reserves that generate jobs and income to local dwellers, while fish farming stands out in the local economy and establishes as a national reference for aquiculture. Built as per Brazil’ environmental code requirements, Peixes da Amazônia S.A. […]

2703, 2015
  • Primeiras vendas da Peixes da Amazônia

Products from Peixes da Amazonia are being sold in Supermarkets

Selling of Peixes da Amazônia’s products started this Thursday (26) on Acre’s largest supermarket chain. Grupo Araújo initially acquired a batch of 9 tons of processed fish from Peixes da Amazônia S.A.. The product is being processed in the fish farming complex, the most modern of its kind in Brazil.

Cuts like tenderloin, loin, rib, bands, […]

2406, 2014
  • Kaeté Investimentos

Kaeté Bets on Fish Farming and Agriculture in the Amazon

When they created fund management firm Kaeté Investimentos in 2011, partners Luís Fernando Laranja and Otávio Ottoni had something clear in mind: they would focus on investments linked to natural resources and that would promote the regional development of areas like the North and Northeast regions, in a sustainable way.

Kaeté’s bet — in a way, […]

1912, 2012
  • Kaeté Investimentos

Private Equity Funds Will Invest in Companies in the Amazon Region

Signs that social impact initiatives are relevant for businesses are being seen as investors start to target the sector. Take Kaeté Investimentos as an example of this trend. By year end, the company will be starting a fund of R$ 100 million to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises established in Amazon region, an area that […]